Muker Show - September

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Muker Show is a small, friendly agricultural and horticultural show and is always hosted in Muker on the first Wednesday of September.
The show ground is situated in the first two fields behind the village on the way to the River Swale.
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Please note The Farmers Arms is not responsible for organising the show.

The closing of the Show is at 5:30pm, with 'Community Singing' alongside Muker Silver Band, outside the front of The Farmers Arms. A truly memorable occasion!

Why is Muker Show so special?

Muker Show is certainly one of a kind; one that involves the whole community, without which, there would be no show at all. 4 committees, around 82 people, are involved in the planning of the show to ensure each aspect runs smoothly. Everyone from all ages gets involved with the organising, the setting up and the taking down again after, and it is always a day to remember.

But it's not just for locals, oh no. Muker Show attracts hundreds of visitors each year, and it is a fantastic and friendly atmosphere. The day starts off with the Muker Silver Band playing at 10am outside The Farmers Arms. They then parade through the village, followed by the judges, stewards, locals and visitors, onto the Show field; celebrating the opening of that year's Muker Show Day. We are open by 10am for this annual occasion.

Our Day -

10am - We open.
10am - Muker Silver Band play outside the pub and lead the procession onto the show field.
12pm - 3pm - We serve a limited selection of both hot and cold meals. Menus are available on the day, in and around the pub.


4:30pm PLASTIC GLASSES ONLY from 4:30pm until 7pm.
5:30pm - 6:30pm Muker Silver Band leads community singing outside The Farmers Arms.
7pm - 8:30pm - We serve the same limited menu as lunchtime and can offer take-way should there be a lack of seating available.

Muker Show Day at The Farmers Arms

Muker Show day is our busiest day of the year, especially if the weather is good! Please bear with us as we try to deliver our normal high standard of food, service and beer with the help of lots of friends and family who give up their time to come and help us.

Drinks - during our peak times on Muker Show Day, we have 7 people behind the bar, yes 7 - with thanks to friends and family who give up their time and travel to come and help. We kindly ask that you order your drinks from our friends working the tills (look out for the 'order here' signs), and usually, depending on how large your drink order is, your drinks have been poured by the rest of the team behind the bar and you can sometimes have all your drinks order in front of you by the time you receive your change.

Queuing system - Don't be put off by a queue! It's a system that we've used for years and it works well. The queuing system at both tills means that it is fair, as there is no random 'jostling' to be served at a random gap at the bar, and the fact that you have a team of 3 pouring your drinks order means you get it that much quicker and the queue disappears faster. Win Win!

Plastic Glasses - Due to the sheer volume of people at 4:30pm at the pub when customers start to arrive to hear Muker Silver Band play outside the pub, we have to resort to plastic glasses, this is for health and safety reasons and the fact we don't have enough glassware/space to offer glass all day. Please be understanding, as it is usually only for a couple of hours before we can move back onto glass again.

Food - We serve a limited menu to normal, from 12-3pm and are usually able to resume the same menu at 7pm until 8:30pm. We publish the menu in and around the pub on the day.

A huge thank you to family and friends who come to help us on this special day and also to our customers, who join in with the spirit of the occasion and hopefully enjoy day as much as we do.