Walk No.3 - Muker to Ivelet Circular


A lesser known route and a lovely circular walk via Oxnop to Ivelet with fabulous views of Kisdon Hill, Oxnop Gill and the vilages of Muker and Gunnerside.

Start: The Farmers Arms, Muker

Distance: 5 miles (approx.)

Duration: 2 - 2 1/2 hours (approx.)

Facilites: Public Toilets at Muker

Refreshments: Muker

Difficulty:  Medium - An undulating walk to Ivelet, followed by a 1/2 mile climb along a quiet road through Ivelet and past Gunnerside Lodge, returning to Muker via a stone track with spectacular views of Upper Swaledale and gradually descending down to Rampsholme footbridge, returning on the level flagged footpath through the meadows to Muker. 

Map: OS Explorer Map OL30



1) With the pub behind you turn left and follow the main road B6270 as it heads out of the village and over the bridge. Look to your right and you will see a footpath sign directing you up a track which initially runs parallel to the road, turn onto this track.

2) As you pass in between two stone barns, the track turns right and slightly downhill. You will see 2 wooden gates on your left. The second one has a footpath arrow on its crooked end (pictured below). Follow this path. The path is quite well defined but stays reasonably close to the bottom field boundary and keeps the stone wall on your left.

3) You’ll come through another wooden gate (pictured below), and again the path is easy to follow, just keep the stone wall to your left until the path brings you to ‘Rash Grange’ and joins a track that immediately passes through 2 black metal gates.  


4) Keep on this track which winds through several houses and after you cross a small bridge (pictured below), turn right through a red metal farm gate. It’s not signposted as a public footpath at this point but it is one so don’t worry, you’re not trespassing. Follow the track round and to the top towards the houses, go through another metal gate and immediately to your right you will see a public footpath sign and a small wooden gate which takes you away from the houses and a slight diagonal left through a field to a style.

5) Climb over the style and turn left, follow the footpath keeping the crumbling stone wall to your left, climbing up until you reach another style (picture below left). A short distance from this style there is a gap in the stone wall taking you into the next field where you will reach a 3-way footpath sign; follow in the exact direction of the sign that points uphill to the wall at the top of the field. The footpath is not well defined so look carefully for a gap in the stone wall with a small wooden gate which is hidden until you’re almost on top of it (picture below right). 

6) Go through this gate and turn left, following the footpath through the small gate next to a larger gate. There is an obvious mud track that leads to the road, however the (undefined) footpath heads through the reeds diagonally uphill slightly until you see a small wooden gate within the wall that leads you onto the road (pictured below).

7) Turn right onto the road heading uphill for about 300 yards until you come to the first footpath sign and a large metal gate on your left. Go through this gate and walk towards the plantation in front of you. As you approach the plantation, turn left and follow the plantation boundary round tot he left until you come to a gap within a dry stone wall that takes you into a field. Follow the footpath signs along the field boundary which slopes to your right before heading down the slope towards the farm. The footpath passes behind the farm buildings before going through a stone wall and into a grass field. Turn right and follow the field boundary downhill with the beck on your right hand side.

8) You will pass through a few trees before returning into the open field again, do not follow the boundary fence this time, instead walk straight ahead towards the large house you see in the far distance and you will soon see a road bridge and to the left of it there are steps up to a small gate (pictured below left). Go through this gate and onto the road (B6270), turn right. Cross over the road and take the small road that goes off to your left. This takes you to Ivelet Bridge (pictured below right) and up to the hamlet of Ivelet itself.


9) As you cross the bridge you will see the road go round to the right, a bench in front of you and a footpath signposted Muker to your left. Should you wish to take the riverside pathe to Muker, follow this pate and it is well signposted all the way to Muker. However, if you would like to see some spectacular views of Swaledale, keep following the road to Ivelet.

10) As you approach Ivelet you'll see a red telephone box, ignore the signpost left to Muker as this joins the riverside path. Keep heading uphill and after the cattle grid the road winds it's way up the hill towards Gunnerside Lodge. As you reach the crest, a road turns off to your right. KEEP LEFT, continuing up the hill. The road levels out further ahead and the views of upper Swaledale are superb. Keep following the road, don;t worry, it's unlikely you'll see any cars. At the point where you reach Calvert Houses, take the high road keeping to the right of the bollads (pictured below).

11) Follow the road as it turns into a stone strack and keep right past a cluster of houses known as Rampsholme House and Farm, continue along the track keeping a lookout to your left for Rampsholme footbridge which is where you are heading for. The track takes you past the footbridge, but a little further on, there is a path to your left doubling back and leading you to the bridge.

12) Cross the bridge and follow the path to your right, along the riverbank where you will reach a signpost directing you to Muker through the seven fields along a stone-flagged footpath.

13) When you reach Muker, turn right, pass the narrow lane off to your right and follow the row of houses to your right until you see the sign for the Farmers Arms and the path leading down the side of the pub, back to where you started. You can now enjoy a pint of local real-ale at the bar.

The Farmers Arms is open all day serving food from 12pm - 2:30pm and 6pm - 8:30pm


You can download a printable version of this walk, by following the link below. 

Walk No. 3 - Muker to Ivelet Circular

OS Route Map

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