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About The Farmers Brewing Co. Muker

Our small state of the art microbrewery has been in our family since the early 90s. It`s travelled with us throughout our time in the hospitality industry from a small Island in Scotland to the industrial heartlands of Yorkshire. Where we go our brewery goes too.
This time however things are a little bit different. We now have two family owned establishments which the brewery supplies to. We decided some time ago that wholesaling our beers around the country was not for us.
We want to make sure our brews reach our customers in as near to perfect condition as possible, so if you want to give our beers a go then you'll need to visit one of our small family run outlets.
We do all the bottling and conditioning ourselves and at times we can get stretched, running pubs and brewing is a full time business. We have invested over the years in bottling and labeling technology so that we are in complete control of what we do.
All our beers are triple cold filtered before bottling, and all our beers are conditioned for at least one month before filtration takes place.

We are little old fashioned in the way we operate, we do not put our beers into cans.
I remember the 70s it's just not for us, you don't find champagne or the best whisky in cans, but I am not knocking what obviously others are doing, each to their own. We don't brew a different beer every week, we try to keep a consistency and rotate the beers on the bar that our customers want to drink after all, it's them we brew it for, apart from what we drink ourselves.
We also have a small column still on site, where we distill our small batch gins, again very hands on. We distill only one gin then work our magic by infusing this liquor into nine wonderful flavours, over the years we have learned many techniques that have inspired what we do,, we hope you enjoy our work.


The Brews


Crackpot IPA 4.0% ABV
Beyond the Pale

Obviously there has to be a beginning of something or a creation of when something starts so our first creations are a little about us and about our dreams of maybe finally ending up at a place of uniqueness a place to settle maybe for the last time, a place to enjoy a place to finally find Karma... who knows. We drove past the sign for the first time and discovered a place called Crackpot who wouldn't have seen this sign and thought that's the name of a beer,, seams nobody, to me it jumped out immediately so I couldn't resist this beer was born,


Shepherdess 4.0 % ABV
Resilient blonde

The second was our love of the area and watching the Owen family, like millions of other TV viewers marvelling at the way in which some families can overcome the trials and tribulations of mother nature to live a life they choose, so this was a tribute to all the shepherdesses out there doing what they love. We know the feeling of doing what you love in the place you love and to be able to make a living is just a bonus.


Gundog 4.5% ABV
Black Velvet

We couldn't bring out a trio of brews without something from the dark side, with this in mind we turned our thoughts to a much loved member of the family... our black labrador retriever and then something of a local occupation after all these well manicured hills, Dales, and grouse moors don't look the way they do by accident, it's the hard work of farmers and gamekeepers alike that keeps the Dales a magic place.


Farmers Draft Ewe
Lager 4.1% ABV

We have to be completely honest here, we have been brewing this for years its a firm favourite with many of our locals in Haworth, so it made sense to not try reinvent the wheel. We have simply branded it to something more fitting here in the Dales, I know nothing of farming when I discovered that a draft ewe was... shall we say a sheep that had little age about it then it sort of coincided that our lager is aged before its either kegged or bottled there is something to be said for maturity.

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