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Please note we are now closed on Mondays over the winter period. We will be open on Monday 24th & Monday 31st December. We will advise via our Facebook page when we are opening again on Mondays

We get asked a lot of questions and so I've put the answers to them all in one place so you don't have to read our whole website to find them out. Here are some of them:


What time do you open/close?

We open at 11:30am everyday (except on Mondays during winter). At what time we close depends on the time of year and level of trade, but the general rule of thumb is we close at 10pm Sun-Tues and 11pm Thurs - Sat. In the depths of Winter, it can be as early as 9pm mid-week.


Are you open every day?

In short, yes. We are generally open all day everyday with the execption of Christmas Day when we open for drinks only 12pm-2pm.

...What about in Winter? You may find us closed in between food service times on our days off so our staff can have a break. This would generally be a Monday.

If we are going to be unusually closed then we advertise this fact on our >>Facebook page<< and our website.


Do you serve food every day?

In short, yes. Our food service times are 12-2:30pm and 6-8:30pm every day apart from Christmas Day when we open 12-2pm for drinks only. 

If for any reason we can't, then we will advertise this fact on our >>Facebook page<< and our website.


Do you take bookings?

No, I'm afraid we don't take bookings, except for New Years Eve when it's bookings only.

We are a typical country pub for dining and drinking, so we don't reserve tables. We offer a first come first served basis. If we are exceptionally busy then we operate a table queue, so please come to the bar first if you are wanting to eat and we can add you to the list. We will then tell you when we have a table for you. For more information on this >>click here<<

...What about large groups? Due to the small size of the pub, we don't take bookings for large groups either and can't guarantee you will be able to sit together. We do however appreciate advance warning of large groups arriving so we can be prepared.The best advice we can give to groups is to get here early for food service and you'll usually have a good choice of tables. 


Do you have any gluten-free/vegetarian/dairy free dishes? 

Gluten -free: Yes, we usually have at least five different gluten-free dishes available.

Vegetarian: Yes, we usually have three or four vegetarian dishes available.

Dairy Free: Yes, we usually have around five dishes that are dairy free.


Are dogs welcome?

Yes, dogs are more than welcome provided that they are quiet and well behaved. Please keep them under close control control on a short lead though - preferably under your table so they do not cause a trip hazard or disturb other diners or customers who may have a fear of dogs, and please, please, please do not let your dog up onto the furniture.


Are children welcome?

Yes, children are more than welcome up until 9pm, but bear in mind it is illegal for children to be at the bar so please perusade them to remain at your table and under close supervision (and relatively quiet) so they do not disturb other customers or cause an accident - we know this is easier said than done.


Do you take credit/debit cards? Can I get cashback?

Yes we do but it's always worth making sure you have enough cash just in case the card machine is out of action or we've had a power cut, as the nearest cash machine is six miles away in Hawes. We have a miniumum card transaction policy of £20, however, if you need to pay by card for a smaller amount then we charge £1. We do have a cashback facility for up to £50.

I'm afraid we don't take American Express.


Do you have a beer garden/outdoor seating area?

We have a cobbled terrace area to the front of the pub with seating, which gets the sun pretty much all day in the Summer months (when we have good weather). We do not operate tabs for tables outside.


Is there a public telephone box? 

There is a traditional red telephone box almost opposite the pub, under a tree so it's often slightly hidden from view in Summer. It still takes coins not cards. 

...Mobile phone signal? There is no mobile telephone signal in the village, the best network for the Upper Dales areas are Orange (EE) or T-Mobile.


Do you have Wi-Fi in the pub?

No I'm afraid we don't. We do not offer Wi-Fi service in the pub because we feel it detracts from the traditional pub atmosphere and prevents the art of conversation. 


Are there any taxis?

Unfortunately due to our relatively remote location, there are a limited number of local taxi firms and prices could be considered high because of the distance of travel. 

Here are a few potential contacts:

Harkers Buses (Reeth, Swaledale) -   Tel. 01748 884533

Country Private Hire (Wensleydale) - Tel. 01969 667096

Ellis Taxi (Hawes, Wensleydale) –      Tel. 01969 667532  

                                                            Mobile. 07877797831 (not always in signal)

James Peacock (Bainbridge, Wensleydale) – Tel. 01969 650212 or 01969 650465

Redmire Private Hire (Wensleydale) - Tel. 01969 625635

Peter Ellerton (Arkengarthdale) - Tel. 01748 884775


What are the roads like? 

This is a question we get a lot in winter as we can get more snow and ice than lower areas. It is for this reason we have installed a webcam showing the road through Muker, the image of which you can see to the left on our website and is updated every 15 minutes. (currently out of action, sorry)

Generally in winter, unless it's persistent heavy snow and high winds, the main B6270 through Swaledale is generally kept well gritted and clear. The roads over the tops such as the Buttertubs Pass from Hawes are to be avoided if snow or freezing temparatures are forecast.








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